Patient Feedback - Implantable Collamer Lens

Ms Manisha

I work as head Nurse and was difficult to carry on with thick spectacles through the day . My glasses number was -8 sphere with -5 astigmatism. I went to Dr Parul with lot of apprehension and hope to find a solution . She was so patient in explaining me everything and the options I had to remove glasses. Apparently I could not undergo Lasik as my cornea was thin and hence she advised me ICL option. All the pre tests were repeated meticulously to get my eye measurements correct as Dr Parul said that this was the most crucial step of planning . I had to wait for my ICL to be ordered and delivered by company abroad for 2 weeks and then the procedure was planned. The surgery took less then 15mins in total with no pain felt. and I can't explain how wonderful it felt to be able to see the world clearly next day . I could join my duties in few days and was so elated. Am so so thankful to Max team and Dr Parul for my new vision .

Ms Manisha
Head Nurse,
Lok Nayak Hospital, Delhi

Implantable Collamer Lens

Prashant Kabadwal

The first thing that I always used to do after waking up was to grab my spectacles.... not anymore!!People used to remember me as the person with very thick lensed spectacles.... not anymore!! No matter how much care I put in, contact lenses never felt comfortable.... not anymore!!.

Thanks to the ICL( Implantable Contact Lenses) Surgery and Dr. Parul Sharma!!

I wanted to get the corrective surgery for my refractive errors since long but hesitated to visit an ophthalmologist.It was the motivation from my friends and extensive research on the Internet that finally I took the appointment with Dr. Parul at MAX Hospital.

Prashant Kabadwal
Age 24, IT professional, Gurgaon