Patient Feedback - Glaucoma
glaucoma Surinder Singh

Mr. Surinder Singh Sahni

I was suffering from advanced glaucoma which my local doctor said is Neovascular Glaucoma and not responding to any treatment despite eye drops the pressures were alone 50 mmHg & leading to blindness in my eye. The other eye vision was also low due to cataract. We came to Delhi & met her, she explained the condition & treatment options very well. We were given avestin injection first & then operated for glaucoma to control Eye pressure. My eye is doing well now with better vision & also got my cataract surgery done in other eye with excellent result.

Really like to appreciate Dr. Parul treatment and attitude toward is (the problem) very much positive her attitude made is positive and satisfied for us, she is like a God experienced hand and smiling face made is positive.

May god bless her with all the happiness, health and prosperity.

Mr. Surinder Singh Sahni
Raipur, India

glaucoma testimonial

Sainy Tiemele

Indeed, victim of an ocular blood vessel occlusion in the left eye, I was referred to Max hospital. From the occlusion attack of the eye and advanced neovascular glaucoma, I had lost 4/5 of my view (sight); it was a lost case but different treatment received helped me today to recover about 70% of my visual capacity. Though unable to give technical explanations about the care received, which lasted over 18 months ( retinal laser, injection avestin, trabeculectomy-glaucoma surgery, etc. ). I would like to say a big “thank you” and take my hat off to all the medical team that has followed me since the beginning, but most particularly to Dr. Parul Sharma and Dr. Rohan Chawla, the two ophthalmologist who have demonstrated selflessness and ingenuity to help me achieve an unexpected result. In witness whereof I'm doing this testimony to advise to other patients in the same situation as I, to never give up, but rather to pray to God, so that they meet good souls, as those who have saved my eye.

Sainy Tiemele
African Embassy

glaucoma patient

I was suffering from advanced glaucoma when I consulted Dr. Sharma. I had already lost one eye due to undetected glaucoma and the other eye too had very severe glaucoma with only central five degree of field remaining. Despite being on maximum eye drops for pressure control I feared loss of this eye as well. After detailed examination, Dr Parul decided to operate on me to control the eye tension. The trabeculec to my microsurgery was successful and now I do not have to put any glaucoma drops in my eye. My pressures are well controlled and now I do not live in fear of loosing my eyesight.

Mr. Naval Kishore
F/o Dr Abhay Chowdhary
Cardiac Surgeon, Escorts

glaucoma disease

Sushila Pathak

I had a very complicated case of advanced glaucoma with cataract. My eyes were very sore and red due to what the doctor said is sclerosing keratitis and dry eye. Dr. Parul Sharma examined me in detail, explained everything with lot of compassion and took me under her care. Later she operated on both my eyes for cataract and glaucoma. She coaxed me to consult a rheumatologist for my joint pains and deformities. It is on her insistence that my rheumatoid arthritis is better with treatment and also the eye condition. From being limited to my wheelchair with very poor vision, I can now see much better and feel a whole lot better in life. Thanks to the doctor and supporting staff.

Sushila Pathak