Patient Feedback - (Refractive Lens Exchange )
Dr. parul sharma

Mr Roger Thomas

Multifocal Intraocular lens - Freedom from glasses

At the age of 69, with three different prescriptions in progressive glasses ( distance +2.0,intermediate +3.75, near, +4.50 ), lasik would have given distance correction or a planned monovision ( one eye for distance and other for near ). After detailed examination, refractive lens exchange with multifocal IOL was opted as the best choice by Dr. parul Sharma.

Thank you for your excellent work Dr. Parul Sharma, its really great not to have to bother with glasses anymore, the amount of discomfort experienced was minimal and I am really pleased with the results. Thank you once again.

Mr Roger Thomas
Managing Director

Dr. parul sharma


Refractive Lens Exchange - Clear Lens extraction with aspheric foldable intraocular lens

I had been wearing thick glasses of power of -16 in my spectacles through out my life. When I consulted Dr. Parul Sharma she advised me against Lasik due to high power and my age. The other option given was refractive lens exchange. A thorough retina examination was conducted and accurate calculations of intraocular lens power were done before the surgery. After explaining the pros n cons of procedure, Dr. Parul Sharma conducted lens exchange of my eyes after which I am completely free from glasses. I am so excited to see the reaction of my friends and students when I go back to the university. Thank you, Dr Sharma for such gratifying results.

Sheila Bunwaree
Faculty-University of Mauritius

Dr. parul sharma


Refractive Lens Exchange

We had met Dr. Parul during her visit to Kabul for a medical camp in November 2010. I had very poor vision from childhood and wore very thick glasses ( -18 in right eye and -20 in left eye ). She gave me hope that my quality of vision can improve by getting rid of thick glasses which not only were difficult to wear but also gave aberrations. My brother who is an ENT Surgeon brought me to Delhi, where we underwent a detailed eye checkup, specially the retina, after which we were advised this surgery. The surgery took only ten minutes for one eye where my natural lens was replaced by intraocular lens and we got the other eye done after ten days. Now I am back in my country and do not wear glasses, people do not recognize me !I enjoy much better vision Shokran!

Mohammad Yakoob